Lib Dems reveal latest election strategy is ‘to stand for election’.

In an enlightening speech this morning, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg gave a brief outline of his party’s strategy for the upcoming General Election in May. Speaking to a crowd of supporters outside his house in Basildon, Mr Clegg acknowledged that regarding the upcoming election, ‘the Liberal Democrats have been forced to spend a long time discussing the best approach to take.’

‘However, the moment has come to make a decisive stand. Despite some resistance from our fellow Lib Dems, I can now confirm that we have taken the drastic decision to stand for re-election.’ Mr Clegg went on to explain that although the past five years in a Tory-led coalition have been ‘a relaxing alternative to a 9-5 job’, he thinks its time for his party to ‘have a go at doing some politics.’

This paradigmatic shift in Lib Dem policy has been met with derision from other party leaders. Prime Minister and Conservative leader David Cameron labelled the Liberal Democrat’s latest move as ‘utopian and entirely unrealistic.’

Labour leader Ed Miliband refused to comment and laughed instead.

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