Investigation launched into all cases of child abuse from 16th Century onwards.

The UK government’s inquiry into cases of child sex abuse in public institutions was widened this morning to include all instances of child abuse dating from 1508 onwards. On her YouTube channel, Home Secretary Theresa May claimed that ‘there is evidence to suggest that the emergence of child abuse and paedophilia did not, as I had previously assumed, take place in the 1970s, but can in fact be traced all the way back to the sixteenth century!

May went on to explain that ‘thanks to the advice and support of respected historian Hilary Mantel, I have made the decision to launch an amended investigation into all suspected cases of child abuse from the ascension of Henry VIII onwards.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg voiced his support for May’s decision on Twitter this morning, by asserting that ‘Latest inquest makes perfect sense. Abhorrent #childabuse was prolific in Tudor times – boys were sometimes even made to dress up like girls!

As yet, May has declined to comment on how she plans to prosecute those members of the Tudor court suspected of instigating child abuse.

More to follow.

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