Cameron’s sermon met with criticism.

o-DAVID-CAMERON-JESUS-CHRIST-facebookIn a press conference last night, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he is ‘not embarrassed to be openly associated with the Christian faith.’ In fact, he admitted to being ‘slightly perplexed’ by the heated criticism aimed at his recent profession of faith. Theists and atheists alike have warned that the UK PM risks isolating a large proportion of the UK population with his Christian demeanour. Mr Cameron has urged his critics to ‘forget the matter‘ and encouraged them to ‘join in with prayer and stuff.’

Deputy PM Nick Clegg expressed his support for the PM on Tumblr this morning. ‘I am disgusted by the number of grotesque comments that have been made about David’s support for the Christian faith. It’s derogatory and utterly anti-Semitic!

Among the criticisms levied at Cameron, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas was quick to label his religious conviction as ‘both politically and environmentally unsustainable.’ She refused to elaborate on her comments.

In other news, ex-Culture Secretary Maria Miller has revealed that she ‘doesn’t mind Catholics.

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