The narcissism of ‘No Makeup Selfies’.

I would never describe myself as a ‘philanthropist’ – mainly because I’m not a self-righteous, attention-seeking arsehole.

This is probably why I’m so appalled by the recent surge in ‘No makeup selfies’ plaguing my Facebook feed.


It sadly demonstrates that we value aesthetics to such an extent that we are expected to revere someone who shows the world that they are not as beautiful as originally thought. More importantly, it degrades the real essence of charitable work.

If these people feel so strongly about combatting cancer, do they really think that uploading a ‘heroic’ photo of themselves will do much to change the current situation?

I have a rather optimistic (and possibly unfounded) faith in mankind’s intelligence which leads me to think that our makeupless heroes realise that their ‘philanthropic’ actions are fairly ineffectual. Why then do they do it? My guess: pestilent narcissism.

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