World leaders try to Bash it out on ChatRoulette

With the likelihood of the Syrian government having used chemical weapons seem ever more probable, global leaders conversed on ChatRoulette in attempt to work out what should be done about the matter.

US President Barack Obama said that ‘Assad has crossed the line. It is time for the US to intervene.’ When asked about his motives, Obama responded by claiming that ‘chemical weapons are a pretty uncool weapon to use. I can’t let Bashar go on giving us Presidents a bad name. I don’t understand why he can’t just get himself a good set of drones. Now, there’s a cool weapon…

On his separate video stream, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that ‘the UK should be at the forefront of the retaliatory plans.‘ He justified his statement by maintaing that he has received detailed evidence from The Daily Mail proving that President Assad is a ‘very bad man‘. Despite these calls for UK intervention, Mr Cameron is yet to set out his plans to parliament.

In other news, Nick Clegg has just ‘poked’ President Assad on Facebook.

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