Morsi Madness

Last night, Egypt’s interim President issued a national broadcast (using Instagram’s new video function) in which he attempted to justify ousting the Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Mohammed Morsi. Mr Adly Mansour claimed that his predecessor was ‘guilty of hogging all of the power‘ and it ‘wasn’t fair that I [Mansour] couldn’t have a turn.‘ Mr Mansour was adamant that he was the victim in this ordeal. ‘Morsi’s had his turn and now I want mine! He’s just too selfish.

Mr Morsi has refuted these allegations. He claims that since ‘I was voted into power democratically, I don’t have let anyone else take a turn. I can do what I want!‘ Moreover, the ex-President is adamant that he called ‘shotgun’ first, and therefore has the right to be President. More to follow.

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