EasyJet’s food for thought:

Last night, budget airline EasyJet issued a press release detailing some future alterations  to the company’s in-flight experience. Jet Wong, the company’s CEO, announced that the airline has received a number of complaints from recent passengers. “It is clear that the food served on our transits has not been up to scratch!”

Mr Wong acknowledged that ‘the problem with our food seems to be its freshness.’ The CEO justified this statement by suggesting that EasyJet’s typical customer ‘isn’t interested in our range of luxurious spam baguettes, alphabet pastas or scotch eggs. What our passengers are really interested in is the stuff that they cook at home.’

EasyJet have therefore made the decision to stop selling food on its flights. Instead, the company will encourage its passengers to bring on their own packed meals. However, EasyJet accepts no liability for food allergies, and insists that the meals do not exceed a 100ml limit.

In other news, Ryanair is offering ‘Buy 1, Get 39 Free!’ on all flights to Hull.

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