5 ridiculous iPhone Apps that you will probably be able to purchase by 2014:

PasswordGenerator (£0.79)

Signing up to a new website but can’t think of a password? Have no fear! PasswordGenerator allows you to scroll through millions of passwords chosen by other iPhone users and pick one out that suits your mood. PasswordGenerator is THE essential app for the unimaginative web-surfer!

Sick-ipedia (£1.99)

As a wise man once said: ‘A ‘good night’ isn’t ‘good’ until someone has been sick!’. This application allows you to use your iPhone camera to take a picture of someone’s sick and upload it onto our online database. Once uploaded, our team of experts will analyse your picture and do their best to identify the vomit’s different components. A must-have for party goers!

Spinstergram (Free)

Spinstergram is THE app for aspiring female photographers who are unmarried and over the age of 50. Its award-winning software allows you to take a picture, add a filter and upload it onto your personal profile. Whether you upload photos of your lonely flat or decide to take ‘selfies’ with your suicidal pet hamster, Spinstergram will make your life that little bit more creative!

MoodFixer Lite (Free)

This must-have app is the key to leading a happy life! Often feel sad, lonely or miserable? Then MoodFixer Lite is for you! This application automatically generates videos of other people describing how horrible their lives are. From homeless people to lonely orphans, our collection of miserable life stories is bound to make you feel better about your own! Ability to upload videos is restricted to users over the age of 18.

MoodFixer Pro (£14.99)

MoodFixer Pro contains all of the key elements of Moodfixer Lite, but at a ridiculously cheap price! What’s not to like?

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